Here's just a small sampling of what I do.


Dr. Schreiber is training in manipulation encompasses a wide variety of techniques including traditional high velocity-low amplitude, non-force and light force techniques.  During the initial visit, he will determine if these techniques are appropriate for your condition. Many patients do not require manipulation at all.




Dr. Schreiber is Delaware's only Board Certified Rehabilitation Specialist. He treats a variety of conditions from simple sprains and strains, post-surgical spine and extremities, chronic pain and .  He uses a functional approach to rehab, looking at the entire body, finding issues that others miss.




Dr. Schreiber has an extensive nutrition background.  He is board certified in clinical nutrition, a certified nutrition specialist and a licensed dietitian/nutritionist.  He undergraduate degree was in dietetics and has a master degree in human nutrition.  He provides an integrative approach when treating his patients.  He may recommend changing your diet and recommend nutritional supplement to facilitate injury recovery.  He also sees patients for separate nutritional consultations, such as weight loss, thyroid conditions and diabetes.  This does not have to be injury related. 



Dr. Schreiber was trained by the late Dr. Richard Yennie. the person who brought acupuncture to the United States.  He uses is as a treatment modality to rapidly decrease pain, swelling, relax tight muscle and trigger points and decrease stress and anxiety.  Dr. Schreiber may also recommend acupuncture as an adjunct to weight loss and promote wellness.

Kinesiology Tape

Dr. Schreiber is certified in three different types of kinesiology tape.  He was one of the first health care providers in Delaware to provide this service to his patients.  Kinesiology tape is useful for restoring posture, decreasing swelling and inflammation, preventing over-contraction of muscles after an injury and providing support to an injured area.

Foot Orthotics

Dr Schreiber provides either custom or semi-custom foot orthotics.  These may be necessary to promote a full recovery.

manual therapy

Dr. Schreiber is trained in a variety of manual therapy techniques.  These include myofascial release, joint mobilization trigger point therapy, post-isometric relaxation, graston technique, gua sha, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, pin-and-stretch, post-facilitation stretching.  Dr. Schreiber is one of a few providers in Delaware to offer many of these techniques

DOt medical Exams/Breath alcohol/urine drug collection

Dr.  Schreiber is one of the few providers in Delaware that is certified to perform the DOT medical examination.  In addition to the exams,  he is also a certified urine drug collector and breath alcohol technician.  He will make a point to get you in for the exam will little waiting, as not to disrupt your work schedule.  He asks that you please have all required documentation prior to the visit as to make the process as smooth as possible.  Please call the office with any questions.  We look forward to helping you!