Weight loss:  What not to do


Diet and exercise are very important to a weight loss program, but the following will wreck your hard weight loss efforts.  Here is my “do not do” list.

Smoking is the number one activity not to do while on a weight loss program.  It disrupts your metabolism, rerouting essential vitamins to deal with the inhaled smoke.   The toxins produced from smoking are stored in the fat tissue. As the body detoxifies the smoke, the body will keep the fat and use muscle tissue for fuel.

Not getting enough sleep:  Growth hormone is released while sleeping.   If you are sleep deprived, not getting enough quality or quantity of sleep, it will not be released in adequate amounts, therefore, exercise recovery will be impaired.

Not eating when hungry:  starving yourself will only cause your body to hold on to fat.  Make sure you have healthy snacks on hand to get you through the hump. 

Not addressing other health issues: Health conditions can have an impact on your weight loss activities.  Certain medications and vitamin deficiencies can greatly impact your efforts. I will asses for this at the beginning of your treatment. 

Not drinking enough water:  Water is important for every chemical reaction in the body.  If you do not drink eight to ten glasses of pure water per day, you are dehydrated.   This does not include water loss from sweat.  Dehydration slows metabolism, causes muscle cramping and can impair recovery.  Water also fills the stomach, which will prevent consumption of additional, unneeded calories.

Skipping meals and workouts:  this will interfere with metabolism, slowing fat burning and muscle building.

I can help you get through the hurdles of weight loss and coach you to your ultimate end goal.  I am available to answer any questions you may have prior to scheduling.  Please call the office to make an appointment.  I want to help you!