So what was that picture I posted last week?  The answer Turmeric!

Turmeric is an amazing spice.  It has so many medicinal uses as well as being the main ingredient in curry.  There are over 6000 peer reviewed studies on turmeric.  Turmeric has been proven to be more effective than many medications, including anti-inflammatories, anti-depressants, chemotherapy, anticoagulants, pain killers, diabetes drugs, arthritis medication, inflammatory bowel disease, cholesterol drugs, and steroids.   If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself

The active ingredients in turmeric are called curcuminoids with curcumin being the most active and most researched.     Most studies involving turmeric use over one gram of curcumin to achieve a therapeutic benefit.  Since curcumin is around three percent of the entire turmeric rhizome, you would need to ingest a ton of turmeric to get therapeutic dose.  Eating turmeric with black pepper has shown to help absorption of turmeric by over two thousand percent.   Concentrated curcumin supplements are also available to help achieve therapeutic benefit.

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Dr. Scott Schreiber has been practicing in Newark, Delaware for over twelve years.  He is a chiropractic physician that is double board certified in rehabilitation and clinical nutrition.  He is a certified nutrition specialist and a licensed dietitian/nutritionist.